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Because there are so many incredible features available on swimming pools, too many to list here, we've included some links to other websites for the wealth of ideas they offer. Rather than listing quickly outdated links, we specifically chose these websites for the freshest supply of updated information and products available to you. Use these for inspiration, if you want to, or check with your local swimming pool supply stores for catalogs. Whatever swimming pool project you can dream up, we are here to help you see it through to completion!
  • What YOU NEED TO KNOW about swimming pools before you hire a pool builder.

  • How to build your own pool, know it's done right, and save THOUSANDS of dollars.

  • Or start your own pool building or consulting business and MAKE thousands of dollars!
Whether you want to learn about the pool-building process before hiring a builder, save a lot of money building your own pool, or make a great living building pools for others, Swimming Pool Plans and Designs has the information you need!
Here is what you get
  • Piece of mind the job will be done right
  • Infinite possibilities on custom pool designs
  • Thousands of dollars saved on construction
  • Opportunity to start your own pool building business
Swimming Pool Plans and Designs will help you:
  • Design fully engineered pool designs, complete with layout measurements, especially made for your property
  • Information on pool sub-contractors in your immediate area
  • Construction checklists, reports and permits required by your city building codes
  • Pool contracts for subcontractors, with terms and conditions
  • Resources for wholesale pool products and equipment

Here is all the information you need!
Now you can:

By utilizing our free information, you can save money and headaches on building your own pool, or starting your own pool building business.

Swimming Pool Plans and Designs provides information from our experienced pool builders to you absolutely free. The knowledge you will learn is time-tested and used across the country and abroad. Our gorgeous designs are not just the "most popular" styles, they can be fully customized to create your "dream pool" following our easy step-by-step instructions!

Place no limit on your dreams - DESIGN YOUR OWN CUSTOM POOL PLANS ~ Free!

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